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Alster Hamburg tour – central and beautiful

You simple have to see and love the Hamburg Alster lakes in the middle of the town centre.

stadtrundfahrt Hamburg

Alster Hamburg

With 164 acres of the Outer Alster has optimal size to have a nice walk and to have a beautiful boat tour. Many green areas and numerous benches along the paths invite you to  have a beautiful view over the Alster.

The Lake is the longest river in the Elbe and flows through south-Holstein and Hamburg.

Overall, the Alster lake is 56 km long and rises in Henstedt-Ulzburg and into the Elbe.

In the city of Hamburg the Alster lakes are divided into inner and outer Alster.

Alster Hamburg – inner lake

The Alster Lake in the south, is closed to the city center and has an area of 18 hectares. The Alster fountain can be admired, which is up to 60 meters high. Around Christmas time is the illuminated and decorated.

On the edge of the Inner Alster typical Grunderzeit office and commercial buildings lie with their copper-covered walls and white facades.

Here are the Alsterhaus (shopping centre) and Alsterpavillon (restaurant) to find and the transition to the Alsterarkaden. The Jungfernstieg invites you to stroll and leads to the Europassage (big shopping centre) that combines plenty of shops and restaurants.

At Jungfernstieg is also the main pier for the Alster boats that cross the canals or Alster . There is a U- and S-Bahn station ” Jungfernstieg ” , which leads directly to the ticket shop.

Also well-known festivals such as Christmas market “White Magic ” and the Alstervergnügen are located here.

Alster Hamburg – outer lake

Hamburg  Alster fountain

Hamburg Alster fountain

The northern part of the Alster lake is up to 4.5 meters deep and the greater part of the Alster lake .

Beautifully situated is the Alster park, which attracts tourists and locals on weekends. The foot and cycle paths are almost too narrow for the weekends with so many visitors. But the view is so beautiful.


In addition, many joggers use  the Alster way, which is  7.4 km long  -  ideal for a short run or walk. Water dispenser and some training facilities on the ways make the whole experience complete. If you have a hotel on the Alster and are a sports fan, I recommend a morning run. Maybe with a little stop at the stand-up paddling point.

Some sailing, rowing and pedal stations are easy to reach. In addition, kayaks and canoes are available from the radar lock (radar schleuse), which can be borrowed from Poppenbuettel and outer Alster. For families there are rowing and pedal boats for 4 passengers. These could be borrowed hourly. It is even more beautiful in the sunshine and a real experience.

The water quality is good, but it is recommended not to swim in the Alster lakes. In addition, the “traffic” on the Alster is mentioned as too high and the risk of an accident is given.

Have  a walk in Hamburg and enjoy the great cafes along the way on a nice sunday afternoon. The Cliff is centrally located at walking distance and offers cake and pizza and many other delicious dishes. In addition, many ice-cream shops and cafes are located around the Alster paths.


Über Ina und Vic

Ina und Vic
Moin, moin, wir sind im wunderschönen Hamburg zuhause und freuen uns, euch ein paar Tipps zu unserer Heimat zu geben, da wir selber gerne reisen. Hier gibt es so viel zu entdecken & erleben, egal, ob ihr als Single, Paar oder mit der Familie unterwegs seid. Hier ist das Tor zur Welt - der Hamburger Hafen, der bei uns immer wieder Fernweh aufkommen lässt, aber Euch herzlich wilkommen heißt. Schreibt uns, was Euch an Hamburg besonders gut gefällt und was ihr noch entdecken möchtet. Viel Spaß & Danke! Ina & Vic

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