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Deichtorhallen Hamburg

Deichtorhallen Hamburg

Deichtorhallen Hamburg is one of Europe’s largest exhibition center for contemporary art and photography.

Both open steel structures are 3.800 sq.m und 1.800 sq.m build als market halls ion the years 1911 to 1914. Körber-Stiftung restored Deichtorhallen, which has owned ever since by the City of Hamburg.

Deichtorhallen Location

Address: Deichtorstraße 1-2 in 20095 Hamburg

Easily to reach by public transport. Located closed to the main station, only 800 metres.  Subway station (U1) is Steinstraße.

Deichtorhallen parking space - nearby, but you have to pay for it.

Deichtorhallen Hamburg Program

Deichtorhallen Hamburg program Hall of Contemporary Art

The hall of Contemporary Art presents major projects, highlighting positions in art today. The focus tends to be on individual shows by internationally acclaimed painters, sculptors and designers. The projects are usually site-specific, having been developed in close cooperation with the artists themselves.

Deichtorhallen Hamburg programm house of photography

The House of Photography has presented temporary exhibitions on photography, from historical positions of the 19th and 20th centuries through to young contemporary photography and aspects of the digital revolution.

Deichtorhallen admission


Regular: 10 Euro
Reduction*: 6 Euro
Tuesday card: 5 Euro (from 16 p.m.)
Kombitickets: 14 Euros (2 halls − 1 price: Hall for Contemporary Art / House of Photography), 25 Euros (3 halls − 1 price: Hall for Contemporary Art / House of Photography / Falckenberg Collection)
ChildrenPlus: 15 Euro (max. 2 adults plus children under 18 years of age)
Children and people under years of age: admission is free
With reservation: For pupils in groups under 18 years admission is free (max. 2 accompanying persons)
With reservation: Groups starting at 8 Pers.: 7 Euro/Person; Discount 3 Euro/Person
HH Card: 6 Euro
Kunstmeilenpass: 29 Euro, Reduction* 15 Euro, mit HH Card 25 Euro (see below)

*Reduction for recipient of ALG I and II, pupils over 18 years of age, students and disabled persons with handicapped ID (free admission for accompanying person).

(Stand 4/2015) Zu den Admission

Deichtorhallen guided tours

Guided tours are possible for individual and group tours in all three halls and in english language.

Hall for contemporary art - PUBLIC TOURS

Every Saturday and Sunday as well as on bank holidays at 4 pm. Every first Thursday of the month at 7 pm.

House of photography – PUBLIC TOURS

Every Saturday and Sunday as well as on bank holidays at 3 pm.

Our Visit at Deichtorhallen

We visited Deichtorhallen at the day of the re-opening, after modernisation. Easily to get there at teh weekend. Lots of parking spaces were available, even at this  special day:)

We started with the Picasso exhibition.

Picasso in der Kunst der Gegenwart / Picasso in contemporary art until 12.07.2015

It is dedicated to the overwhelming spectrum of modern and contemporary artists’ perspectives on Picasso. With approximately 200 works on loan − from London’s Tate Modern and Paris’s Centre Pompidou, among others − created by 90 internationally known artists, the show deals with Picasso and his impact on art without showing a single Picasso.

Have a look at the Trailer to get some inspiration:

The house of photography.

Twelve outstanding young European photographers will be presenting their photo essays on the topic »The New Social«. The exhebition is running until  31. Mai 2015

We started walking through the hall and looking at the pictures. Soem were cruel and others looked funny, but we were missing the background information and stories about the photos.

Luckily a guided tour started soon and we took part in the 30 minutes tour. A very professionell guided tour with lots of information about the exhibition iteself, the artists and the work. We can just recommend to book or take part on one of this tours, to get all this information, because it is worth to see the pictures and their real expression.

We have had a nice day! It was a sunny day and really informative. We are looking forward to the next exhibitions at Deichtorhallen Hamburg.

Über Ina und Vic

Ina und Vic
Moin, moin, wir sind im wunderschönen Hamburg zuhause und freuen uns, euch ein paar Tipps zu unserer Heimat zu geben, da wir selber gerne reisen. Hier gibt es so viel zu entdecken & erleben, egal, ob ihr als Single, Paar oder mit der Familie unterwegs seid. Hier ist das Tor zur Welt - der Hamburger Hafen, der bei uns immer wieder Fernweh aufkommen lässt, aber Euch herzlich wilkommen heißt. Schreibt uns, was Euch an Hamburg besonders gut gefällt und was ihr noch entdecken möchtet. Viel Spaß & Danke! Ina & Vic

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