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Hamburg Michel – Hauptkirche St. Michaelis in Hamburg

In Hamburg, known simply as the Michel, it has become a landmark of Hamburg, which is centrally located in Hamburg.

Located in the Neustadt and as the main church, St. Michael’s Church is for the whole city of Hamburg. It proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ. The St. Michael’s Church is one of the most important baroque churches in northern Germany.

For locals and tourists Hamburg Michel is open for eight hours. Many people visit the church every year, because of the crypt and enjoy the views from the tower.

Address of the Hamburg Michel:

St Michaeliskirche
Englische Planke 1
20459 Hamburg
Tel. (040) 376 78-0
Fax (040) 376 78-310

Very easy to reach by public transport, as the St. Michaelis Church is very central in Hamburg. You can, if you’re already in the city centre , for example at Planten un Blomen walk to the church.
Subway: Rödingsmarkt, Tree Wall St. Pauli (U3)

Bahn, S-Bahn: Stadthausbrücke (S3, S1)

Bus: Metro St. Pauli (36, 112), stopping place Michaelis Church (6:37)

Opening times: November to April 10:00 am  to 5:30pm May until October 9:00 am – to 7:30 pm

Special features of the Hamburger Michel

The beautiful copper dome of the tower is a landmark of Hamburg. This can be seen in a typical Hamburg cityscape and in particular on the Alster.

The tower is a discovery for himself and 132 meters high. You can choose to take the stairs to get to the viewing platform, which in turn is 106 feet above the river Elbe. Those who take the stairs, also provides the bells and the movement and can make at the intermediate floors a short stop in order to get some further details. Those who are not so good on foot, can take the elevator, which is often preferred for the way down.

From the observation deck you have a magnificent view of Hamburg. Here you can overlook the harbour and you can see the musical – the Miracle of Bern and the Lion King, directly on the Elbe. The beautiful City Hall with its copper roof and the TV tower and the Hamburger Dom and the Millerntor stadium.

From this platform you can plan your Hamburg city tour or recognise all the beautiful spots you have visited again.

In the Baroque church you can admire the beautiful large Steinmeyer organ in the west gallery, but the other organs are optically gems. The altar is at an altitude of 20 meters in the 54 meters long, 44 meters wide and 27 meters high church. 2,500 people can fit inside the St. Michaelis Church.

Michel Hamburg

Hamburg Michel

Ticket prices Hamburg Michel

The admission prices apply only to the crypt and the tower, as the visit to the church is  free and you will only be asked for  a donation for the maintenance.


Grown Ups:
5,00 € (reduced 4,00 €)
Children 6 to 15 years:
3,50 € (reduced 2,50 €)

Crypt film “Hamburg HiStory”

Grown Ups:
4,00 € (reduced 3.00 €)
Children 6 to 15 years:
2,50 € (reduced 1,50 €)

Combined price for tower, crypt and film “Hamburg HiStory”

Grown Ups:
7,00 € (6,00 € reduced)
Children 6 to 15 years:
4,00 € (reduced 3.00 €)

Stand 03/2015

Tourist attraction Hamburg Michel

The Michel is one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Hamburg. It is interesting to learn more about the historical aspects of Hamburg and history of the origin and structure of the  Michels. A sightseeing tour of the tower is also ideal for families, as it is an “easy” climb and afterwards you can enjoy a beautiful view as a reward. The weather should be nice, because the sun is reflecting so beautiful on the Elbe.



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